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Faith-Related Connections

Faith in Action:
Report by Sierra Club

For Anglicans who share a passion for the stewardship of creation and are
prepared to pledge action.
Buddhist Peace Fellowship:


Note: Oct 2008, Catholic Update: Why  Catholics Care for Creation

Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life:

Carbon Footprint Evaluation -

Helping individuals & congregations connect Christian faith with care for the earth.
 A formal alliance of major faith groups - Jewish and Christian

Eco-Christian:  Welcome
      Why: Christian Connection 
      Book List

Eco Justice – Interfaith
       Sermons: Preaching on the environment

Episcopal Church: Climate
     Lenten Reflection: For the Beauty of the Earth
     Protecting God’s Creation: Act of Convention
     Episcopal Policy Network:
Bulletin Inserts

     Congregation Resources to Celebrate Earth Day


Episcopal Ecological Network:  

Episcopal Publication:
Aimed at the entire Anglican Communion. Believe that every person, every creature,
every part of creation belongs to God and deserves the deepest respect and care.

Evangelical Environmental Network =
      Creation Care Magazine
      Environmental Fact Sheets

Interfaith Climate Change Network:

Green Faith  =

Spirit -

Stewardship -

Justice -

Biblical References -


Lutheran =
            30-Day Devotional  

The Evangelical Lutheran Church

The National Religious Partnership for the Environment:

Religious Witness for the Earth (RWE)
national interfaith network

Campaign: What would Jesus Drive?
             Personal Actions



Conferences, publications, and website it is engaged in exploring religious worldviews, texts,
and ethics.

Earth Day 2009 -

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