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William Pohlhaus
Computer Science Student

Short Work History and Current Events:
   I started working at Villanova University as a student back in November of 1995 as a student computer lab consultant. By September of 1998 I had landed a part-time job as the Apollo Webmaster after moved up through the ranks: from lab consultant, on to web developer, followed by Assist Site Coordinator of the public computer labs. Shortly following that I was hired full-time as a WWW Specialist for the University in March of 1999. In November of 2000 I was promoted to Senior WWW Specialist until August of 2002 when I decided to go back to school full-time and finish my undergraduate degree. More importantly, my wife and I had a little joy come our way in January of 2003. Her name is Seda Isabella Pohlhaus and weighted 6 lbs. 2 oz. when born. My wife and I have arranged so that she works three days a week and I stay home with Seda and I go to school two days a week and she stays home. Villanova University has been extremely amenable to our situation and for that we are both
immensely grateful. By December of 2003 I completed my undergraduate degree and got a scholarship for graduate school at Villanova University in Computing Sciences. Currently, I'm raising my daughter during the day while my wife works and going to school three nights a week while she watches Seda.

Personal Email: William.Pohlhaus@villanova.edu
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